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Important info for musiciansPosted by Niklas Brötz Tue, December 02, 2014 17:52:12


Booking adress:
BrÖtz venue address:
Konstepidemin Carl-Erik Hammaréns Backe Paviljong 8 413 14 Göteborg
(very near Linnéplatsen)

Invoice :
Send your invoice in pdf-format to:

Invoce official adress:

BrÖtz c/o Henrik Wartel
Lotsgatan 5 A
414 58

Ad your name/name of the group, and the date you played

Two groups, one set each, every wednesday evening from the first Wednesday in September to the last Wednesday in May. Normally no activity June - August.

The Deal:

Our work at BrÖtz is on a voluntary basis and as artists we understand and do our best in the strained financial situation facing artists today.

We pay 1500sek per person
500sek extra for some help with the travel costs per person if you don´t live in Gothenburg. Unfortunately we can´t pay more even if your travel costs are more .

We also arrange accommodation when needed .
Please let us now via

and sorry, but no extra money that covers payroll tax(arbetsgivareavgifter)
No food....

Urgent phone numbers to the staff at the venue:

Orlando Nigro +46 735-579095,
Jonny Wartel + 46 703-296266
Henrik Wartel + 46 708-627743


18.00 Get in. The staff puts everything in order and prepare the sound system

18.30 You set up your gear on the stage

19.00 first group sound check

19.30 second group sound check

20.00 the venue opens

20.30 first group start (approx. time )

21.30 second group start (approx time )

Notice!: We have no sound engineer but our staff is willing to assist.

The sound system consist of two Yamaha active monitors on stands.
A small 8 channel mixer
No extra monitors

The venue is small so acoustic music is good.

Equipment at BrÖtz:

GK bass amp
Malmsjö Grand piano
Roland cub Guitar amp
Drum kit: Pearl 18' 14' 12' 10'
Snare drum: Sonor
+ some petty good cymbals and hihat cymbals

All concerts are video taped
and published "as is" at:

Please agree and confirm details about publishing the videos with
Orlando +46 735-579095,

If you want he will send you a free copy of the video and sound files (even if you don't agree to publish it.)

Very often but not always Lars Åsling is taking photos. He publish some of them and you can find them in our menu: Performance gallery.

Please agree and confirm details about publishing the photos:

Lars Åsling 070-541 68 64 or via Face Book

You can order and purchase photos from him. If you would like a group photo for - example not in action on stage. Just grab Lars and ask him. He is a free lance artist as we all are at BrÖtz.



Tram from Central Station to Brötz:
towards Tynnered get of Linnéplatsen
no.2 towards Högsbotorp get of Linnéplatsen
walk across the roundabout and up the hill. Direction east
Enter Konstepidemin and keep on walking up the hill to building no.8

Due to economical (bad) situation we will offer
alternativ accommodation !

Alternative 1 (best for our economic situation)
2 bedrooms appartment with 4 beds close to the venue
small kitchen, stove, WC and shower. Good idea to bring some breakfast otherwise a store round the block and not too far to a cafés and stuff.

Alternative 2
(semi good for our economic situation)
2 rooms with 2 beds each 200 meter from the venue. Shower and WC in the corridor. Water boiler for tea and coffee.
Café 150 meters away opens 10 am.

Hostel: (not very good for our economic situation)
Tram from Central Station to Hostel:
towards Tynnered get of Olivedalsgatan
no.2 towards Högsbotorp get of Olivedalsgatan

walk Olivedalsgatan direction west

Slottskogens Vandrarhem +46 31 864520 INCHECK after 2pm

Vegagatan 21, 413 11 Göteborg, Sverige 5 minutes walk from Linnéplatsen

7-10 min walk from BrÖtz on the other side of Linnéplatsen

some nice restaurants will you find at Olivedalsgatan across the street from the hostel.

Thank you for your support and your contribution. We are doing this together!

Welcome to BrÖtz!

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